EPA Calls for Peace in Ebiraland

The current happenings in our home land has become worrisome.
Election for representative purpose must not be a ‘do or die’ affair.
Everyone campaigning for elective office sees himself/herself as capable of representing the people and goes to convince the electorate to make him/her their choice. Who emerges, is at the instance of the electorates.
It is bewildering that our histories have never been of lessons to us as violence becomes the poster mark of campaigns at every turn of elections in our land. The relics of burnt houses which are sordid reminders of our dark past still dot our landscape yet we indulged on same old ways.
We have so violated the peace of the land to the extent that our mothers have to come out to cry to God in protest denunciation of our medieval style of politicking. It is noteworthy that many months before the elections EPA did all it could within its power through district meetings, peace summits, overt and covert discussions with personalities associated with the election with a view to preaching a new code of conduct to our politicians but disappointedly enough, we are adamant at doing things the odd old ways.
It is the strong suggestion of EPA that all ebira sons and daughters, traditional fathers, opinion and community leaders, and CSO’s must rise to the challenge of ‘nipping in the bud’ the culture of negative portrayal of ebira personality that is currently being exhibited. The resort to raw violence which has forced our people into obscene exhibition of daylight witchcraft and wizardry protests against brazen banditry and reckless show of force in the contemporary times can only bring an untoward negative consequences on our land. The curses on our land may bear consequences that spare no one in future.
While we condemn every attempt at muzzling dissents in the society, we similarly admonish every person or groups with alternative views to conduct its protests with civility. The peacefulness of the protests thus far notwithstanding, we fear its potentials to degenerate into anarchy, hatred and conflicts during and after the elections. We have traded too many precious lives to varieties of ammunitions in the land. Enough should be seen to be enough.
Where we inhabit as communities may bear variant names but ebira is one nation with one destiny.

We are all related by blood or by marriage . If we loose our valuables and communal relationship all for the sake of election that comes and goes we will have more price to pay than the temporary benefits that may be short-lived.
Traditional, religious and conventional authorities in the land should rise up to justify their responsibilities by individually and collectively putting an end to this show of shame. We are all children of the same womb and no ambition of an individual or a group or groups must dull our senses to the point of collective annihilation. We are again taking a dangerous path that must be arrested.
The Elders and leaders of our communities must not play a mischievous ostrich to what is currently playing out. History will not play kindly to any leader that watches in indignant resignation as our very great heritage is subjected to a ruinous act. We repeat that enough must be seen to be enough. Our ugly past must not be allowed to repeat itself.
EPA therefore appeals to all the feuding contenders and supporters alike to kindly in the name of God, sheath their swords and let us dialogue as it pays to jaw-jaw than to war-war. The drumbeats of war must stop henceforth.
Ebira shall outlive all of us. We should therefore strive to be counted among the positive contributors to its development rather than be seen as villains.
Ohiku ovaya pe abayi nehu.
Our people usually state a popular slogan -“irazinehi oizoza” inferring “domestic conflict is injurious to the fabrics of communalism”, let us put our house in order so as not to regret our action/inaction in times to come. God bless Ebiraland, Amen

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