Still On Alh. Kabiru Aliyu Onyene – By Ebira Rebirth Foundation

The attention of the above named group has been drawn to a write up circulating on the social media, against the person of Alh. Kabiru Onyene, while we recognize the right of an individual or group to criticize government and its official at all levels, we as a group frown at criticism aimed at scoring cheap popularity and unnecessary victimization of personalities because of their privilege position.

To set the record straight, the Ebira Rebirth Foundation is not a faceless Organization. The Organization was formed in the days of agitation for power rotation. One of its aim was to mobilize the people of Ebiraland for political participation and always on the crusade for Ebira Agenda. The group also involved herself in the re-orientation of our Youth and join other progressive groups, then to mobilize our Youth to toe the line of honour and embrace peace in year 2007 to 2010 during the political crises in Ebiraland. Its on record that in appreciating Ebira sons and daughters that has distinguish themselves in their chosen endeavors we organize a reception in honour of Prof. Audu then Vice Chancellor of University of Technology Minna, Prof. Nuhu Yakubu Vice Chancellor University of Abuja and Prof Aliu Abdullahi Provost NDA, to mention but few.

However, posterity wouldn’t forgive us if we fail to speak or clarify certain misleading write up been fed the public on the social media against the person of Alh. Kabiru or any other personality whom our assessment might have proved is above board in his humanitarian endeavors.

Aside using his good relationship with the Governor to influence appointment, contract, empowerment and employment, Alh. Kabiru has on his own embark on several human and societal development. Last year alone over 500 indigent Students were beneficiary of his scholarship awards across the five Local Government Area of Kogi Central Senatorial District. He also gave 500 young, promising but jobless youth reasonable sum as empowerment to start a small business of their own.
Petty traders and market women in the Central Senatorial District were not left out of his empowerment schemes.

We would have wish to show prove of all the above facts so stated, but for the warning from Alh. Kabiru himself and some well meaning Ebiras, that whatever he has done remain between him, the beneficiaries, the group that Coordinate his empowerment schemes and God Almighty. Hence, he will not be forced by some minor detractors to start exposing what ordinary was a good deed for Allah’s sake.

For the record Ebira Rebirth Foundation has been involved in all Alh. Kabiru Aliyu Onyene’s humanitarian services. Hence, the need to set the record straight.

Comr. Abdullahi Suleiman
P. R. O
Ebira Rebirth Foundation

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