Update on Infrastructural developments in Kogi Central

By Muhammed Bougei Atta

– The Federal roads from Osara down to FCE is receiving some attention by FERMA. The repairs are however more of scratching the surface than laying the expected bitumen in the damaged portions
– The bad roads from FCE to Okene township, upward to Secretariat is still in very bad shape.
– The above situation is also applicable to the federal roads from Total Okene to Obehira junction where the new road started. FERMA are merely scratching the surface and putting stones, sand and light bitumen where they think necessary.
– The good news however are the roads from Agasa junction towards Iruvucheba that are been constructed with modern technology, and of high quality. Apart from the drainage that are being constructed new, the laying of Ashplant are excellent. The best of them all is the Inioziomi – Kuroko – Eika road that is receiving best of quality Ashplant laying.
It is no longer new that most communities within and around Okene are now getting clean water from the GYB water scheme.
Everywhere in KC you will see workers spread across roads and streets providing these basic amenities.
Apart from the ugly incident of the killing of Mal. YUSUF and the kidnap of a Lebanese road construction worker, home is a place to be in December.

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