SDP’s Combination of Personalities in Kogi Central

Kogi Central has all it takes to be part of developed region in Nigeria. But the huge challenges it’s facing is lack of quality representation.
The few privileged politicians hold sway over our economic resources, and diverting into their personal account the little ones meant for the poor masses.
We often experience bad representation as a result of the fact that we always sell our conscience, lofty dreams and futures to those unqualified politicians for a token amount.
We suffer huge bad representation because we continue to vote for people lacking motivational antecedents.
Because we have allowed the control of hunger to persuade us into voting for token. Because we vote for people who’s personal achievements have never in anyway benefited the society or even there next door neighbors.
Because we vote for people who allow their personal interest to override their conscience. And because we vote for people who have no dreams of repairing the existing damages.
The only dreams they have is ‘myself first and myself alone’.
And that is where we have gotten it all wrong.
Now the salvage of Kogi central lies on the following personalities.
Firstly, we have Natasha Hadiza Akpoti. She is a human rights lawyer and daughter of the late iconic philanthropist who lived his life making positive impacts and giving hope to the hopeless. Dr. Akpoti of the blessed memory.
Natasha didn’t depend on her father’s reputations but also tiptoeing on the good trail of her father. And today she is fast becoming a national figure. Her contribution to the development Ebira land, Kogi central and Nigeria at large is widely recognized.
She has in many occasions proved her worth and her ability to offer positive representation.
Now she is currently an aspirant vying for Kogi central Senate under the platform of Social Democratic Party (SDP), 2019. Her aspiration is to enable her so more of her good plans to the people.
Secondly, Prince Danjuma AbdulMalik Atta* is the grand son of the great Ohinoyi of Ebira land, Alhaji Ibrahim Onoruoiza Atta. Danjuma refused to boast around with his family’s reputations but believed that name made for one’s self is better than the one inherited. He has contributed immensely to the development of Ebira land, Kogi central and Nigeria at large. His good did earned him the award of ‘Act of Humanitarian and philanthropist Award’, conferred on him by the Kogi state government in 2016. He is being describe as a promoter of good governance and humanitarianism.
His aspirations to touch more lives positively knows no bound, hence his determination in politics to bring for us what has long been hidden from us as a result of bad representation.
Looking at the duo aforementioned personalities, they have contributed to our nation from their own personal achievements. They are contributing and are ready to contribute more if given the mandate to represent us in the respective offices they are vying for.
In view of the above consideration, we urge the entire Anebiras to vote Barr. Natasha H. Akpoti for Senate Kogi central senatorial district, under SDP.
And vote Prince Danjuma AbdulMalik Atta, for House of Rep. to represent the good people of Adavi/Okehi Federal Constituency, under SDP.
This is an opportunity we cannot afford to loose. We win only when we are determined to win.
Vote wisely. A vote for SDP 2019 is a vote for Natasha 4 Senate Kogi central and Danjuma 4 Rep.
Together we can.
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