Asuku4GYB Initiative: A new Narrative in Grassroot Politics

The Asuku4GYB initiative for Orphan’s and Less Privileged Education Outreach Program is a project specifically designed to facilitate access to high-quality educational opportunities for children from several communities in Kogi State, Nigeria. This Outreach Program provides educational experiences for young people in classrooms by paying tuition fees, sponsoring training, Paying entrance fees etc., as well as supporting the professional development of the professionals who work with them.

The program was birthed few years ago due to a pervasive lack of education we met in the country from the past administration, particularly among young orphans and the less privileged. Most were never enrolled in school; others had dropped out after a few years to help support their families and spent their days begging on the streets. The Asuku4GYB sponsors their school tuition fees, provides uniforms, shoes, other school materials, and computer trainings.

Currently The Asuku4GYB Education Outreach Program is in it’s 7th season of Education Outreach;

• Season 1: In the first Outreach program, it was the payment of WAEC and NECO fees across community secondary schools in Kogi Central.

• Season 2: The tuition fees for tertiary institutions’ students from Kogi Central was fully bankrolled by the Outreach Program to enable them have a hitch free academic session.

• Season 3: Free WAEC and NECO forms were bought and shared to students who could not afford them.

• Season 4: Free JAMB forms and registration for citizens of Kogi Central.

• Season 5: Three months free Computer training for over 150 youths from Kogi Central.

• Season 6: Payment of school fees for students in Tertiary institutions. In addition, the project research for those in Final year were fully funded by the Asuku4GYB Education Outreach Program.

• Season 7: Payment of WAEC and NECO fees for orphans and the less privileged in Kogi Central.


The goals of the Asuku4GYB Education Outreach Program are:

• To provide ophans and less privileged with the resources they need to attend school, because we believe that every child deserves the right to basic education and the right to opportunities to explore their potentials. A dream should not die for lack of basic resources

• To provide students with the support they need to have successful academic careers, because we recognize that, in addition to material resources, a great deal of academic, emotional, community-based support is required for them to thrive.

• To provide our children with the tools they need to prove to society that they can excel and become leaders in community irrespective of caste, gender and economic background.

• To boost their self confidence to be self reliant in the labor market.

The students in our program are orphans and less privileged in all of Kogi Central. Yet despite the obstacles they face, we do not believe that these children/students cannot compete in the academic settings; we believe they can excel and do better. We accept nothing less than the highest quality of educational opportunities for our children, and, based on their tremendous achievements and steadfast community support that we have seen thus far, we are confident that they will go on to attend higher institutions and pursue careers in the coming years.


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