NextLevel 2019: Dr. Sanusi Ohiare Donates Free Phone Charging/WiFi Kiosks as Empowerment Kit to Rural Women

By Ismail M. Kabir

The Executive Director for Rural Electrification Agency, Dr. Sanusi Ohiare has donated Solar powered Kiosks to rural women across Kogi central senatorial district.

The Kiosks which are branded with the NextLevel campaign messages are equipped with solar powered inverters and Internet Hotspot to provide Free phone charging access and Free WiFi to people within the vicinity of the beneficiaries.

In a chat with EbiraView Media, Dr. Sanusi said the kiosks were part of his modest contribution to President Muhammadu Buhari’s NextLevel re-election campaign to electorates at the grass root.

The kiosks, according to Dr. Sanusi will primarily serve as a relief to mobile phone users within the localities while also affording them access to Free internet data within the coverage area of the hotspot.

He added that the kit will serve as direct empowerment package to the women (mostly widows) and other beneficiaries after few months of the free phone charging/WiFi services.

The beneficiaries are subsequently expected to run the kiosks on a “Pay Per Use” basis or utilize them for other income generating enterprises.

Recall that Dr. Sanusi ohiare was appointed by President Buhari in 2017 as the Executive Director of Rural Electrification Agency with a mandate to proffer solutions to the perennial challenge of delivering adequate electricity to rural communities in Nigeria.

They recently provided some grants and signed agreements with local private developers to deploy 12 mini-grids and 19,130 Solar Home Systems across the country. The agency is also deploying Renewable Energy Solutions to power 37 Universities and 7 Teaching Hospitals, as well as providing sustainable electricity to hundreds of markets under the energizing economies programme of the Agency.

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