Kogi Rice Mill Industry; Another Success Story of Bello’s Agricultural Revolution

Farm and Agricultural development is one of the key areas Gov Yahaya Bello’s administration promised to transform in order to create jobs and guarantee food security. On this note; the government embarked on aggressive agricultural revolution where farmers are given farm input and implement and young ones are encouraged to embrace agriculture. Tractors and other farm implement are being purchased and distributed to farmers by gov Bello led administration.

One of the aggressive measures taken by his government in agricultural development is the establishment of Rice Milling Industry at Ejiba, Yagba East Local Government Area Of Kogi State. According to governor Yahaya Bello, “Agricultural processing industries such as the Rice Mill play a significant role in accelerating the process of agricultural development by creating backward linkages that is, supply of credit, inputs etc. and forward linkages; processing, marketing of the products, adding value to the farmer’s produce and opening up the possibility for exports of rice to other region”.

The establishment and the growth of the Rice Mill Industry in Ejiba is directly and positively influenced by the agricultural prosperity of the state.

Features of Kogi Rice Milling Industry

-The rice milling plant is a 50 ton per day capacity with a 80 tons parboiling capacity. However the 50 ton process can be completed in 8 hours, which means when put to maximum capacity the plant can easily run over 3000 tons per month and over 36,000 tons per year. This is equivalent to the production of over 720,00 50kg rice bags per year.

-The Kogi rice milling process will not only produce finished international standard quality rice but also the following by-products.

Rice Bran

The rice bran is part of the products used in making fish feed. The Kogi Rice Milling Industry will set up a mini fish feed processing plant for community empowerment, which will generate up to over 200 direct and indirect jobs.

Brown Rice

In most countries the brown rice is used for making local beer, depending on the quantity the Kogi Rice Milling Industry can get per ton, the industry can either sell to the open market or create a local beer factory to create empowerment and more business around the area.

Rice Husk

The rice husk will be used as the industry’s 100% fuel to power the 500 kWh biomass generation plant which runs the industry. This will drastically reduce operation cost as the industry will not be buying fuel to power the plant.

Broken Rice

The broken rice can be used to make rice flour, depending on the quantity, the industry is set to also produce Confluence Rice Flour which will soon be in the market.

Independent Power Generation.

The plant has its own independent power generation plant which is powered through biomass gasification technology. The capacity of the plant is 500 kWh and the rice milling plant capacity at every processing line (shift) is 200kwh which means the industry generate more power that it needs.

With this development, the Kogi Rice Milling Industry will have an excess power of 300kwh which will be used to power strategic locations in the community.

800 Hectares Rice Farm

Currently, the Industry has 800 hectares nucleus rice farm that feeds the processing plant, the 800 hectares produces around 3200 tons of paddy yearly, the processing plant will consume the 3,200 tons in just a month meaning, expanded rice cultivation is encouraged to meet the feedstock.

The industry will purchase paddy from local farmers across the state and also increase the capacity of its nucleus farm to meet up with the rice milling plant production capacity per year.

As today, the farm is currently generating 300 direct jobs, which comprises of farm staffs, hunters and equipment operators.

The industry can also generate over 5000 indirect jobs through its Out-Growers empowerment program, last year it empowered 150 local farmers through the office of Her Excellency the Wife of the Executive Governor of Kogi State.

General Employment

Once the rice mill commences operation this February, the industry will be employing another hundreds of staff, as it plan to run the plant at the maximum capacity on two session day and night shift per day. Each shift will produce over 50 tons of finished Confluence rice.

The Kogi Rice Milling industry, through its processing operation gives more nutritive food and conserves rice by way of recoveries. It also increases the shelf life of rice.

By establishing the Rice Milling Industry; His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello is Using one stone to kill two birds; while fighting food insecurity by increasing food production, he is also fighting the scourge of unemployment by creating direct and indirect jobs.

This is what the NEW DIRECTION stands for and Gov Yahaya Bello is steering the ship to the next level of development.

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