Hon. Okara to Empower Half a Million Kogi Citizens

The Hon. Okara’s sponsored mindset/capital empowerment programe held at Hilltop hotel, 8th february 2019, through Kogi Central Advancers Movement (KCA) was a huge success. Over half a million people of kogi central of both sexes attended and well refreshed(fed) at the program.

Dignitaries in attendance were:
-Hon. Okara (S.A SDGs to GYB of kogi state)
–Alh. Nasiru Soso as chairman.
-HRH. Alh. Ajimogo as father of the day.
-Alhaji Salihu Adaviruku (former Adavi LG chairman).
-Alh. Yusuf Okehi (Technical cinsultant, kogi SDGs).
– Alhaji Sanni Moh’d Anate.
-Alh. Osigeneyi Aliu.
-Alh. Ahmad Rufai
-Comr. Babangida (Kogi central chairman of National Youth Council of Nigeria).
– Artist Aliu Aroke (AKA Ajoze)
– Artist Suleiman Ogavuda, and many others.

Hon. Okara in his speech made participants to understand this program has given him confidence that when he provide starting capital for them in the phase 2 which is to come up very soon, they already have trained entrepreneurial mindset to utilize it and grow bigger.

Many of the participants that were given the chance to respond thanked the Hon. S.A on SDGs for giving hope to the hopeless. They also extend appreciation to his excellency, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello for appointing a kind leader as Hon. Okara who never turned back at his people as he comes back home always to touch lives positively.

The participants also pleaded to the Hon. SA to invite hands of other capable appointees to have them all empowered as this program has kept them set to utilize what ever they are empowered with.

It’s on the last line above that KCA has an interest. For one appointee to empower over half a million trained participants may be too heavy on Hon Okara alone. As he is planning what he can offer the number his strength can reach, KCA want to also plead to others to key into this poverty intervention program to see that all participants are reached no matter how small. We have names, LG, phone number, skill of individuals contained in the participation forms issued to them which they submitted.

This pattern of empowerment was judged by dignitaries present including the participants themselves as sustainable one bcos the empowered mind they gained from the program will never let them remain same again.

KCA received accolade and praises from our Hon. SA on SDGs for been able to mobilize such unimaginable crowd in less than 5 days of notice. It’s a sign that this platform is media and outside media weighty.

We urge many with capacity to impact positively on lives to reach out to KCA and request for certain number of ready minds to empower. Different from the other tradition of doing empowerment for people without idea who usually lavish what they get and return to same story .

Comr. A.M Danjumah

Kogi Central Advancers Movement Movement (KCA).

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