Oricha Grassroots Empowerment Token (O’GET) Flagged Off in Grand Style

“When a man keeps to his words even the devil stands in awe of such a man.” Bernard Shaw (English Poet)

Hon. Umar Oricha Shaibu has proven today that he is a man of his words. When he came up with the idea of the Oricha Grassroot Empowerment Token (O’GET), God knew that the contents of his heart towards the less privileged was real and the same God gave him faithful and trustworthy foot soldiers to help him in fishing out those who were too close to the poverty line. It was a herculean task to reach out to those who actually need help but his foot soldiers were able to deliver within the shortest time possible.

Today at the Okehi Civic Center located in Obangede, Hon. Umar Oricha Shaibu was joined by Hon. Mukhtar Bajeh vying for the Kogi State House of Assembly seat from the Okehi Constituency to share the fellowship of giving some cash token to better the lives of those who actually needed it. The sum was a five thousand naira (N5,000.00) enveloped and given to as many eighty (80) women from Adavi and Okehi Local Governments axis. Areas like Ohuepe, Uhodo, Ege, Aku were the places some of these beneficiaries came from. It was indeed a joyous mood to all those who benefited from this rare kind gesture from the heart of gold that Hon. Umar Oricha Shaibu carries. The beneficiaries were full of prayers for this show of love and concern to their plight.

While giving his remarks, Hon. Umar Oricha Shaibu said, “whatever we are doing now is to better the lot of humanity and same time deliver the good will message(s) from His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello the Executive Governor of Kogi State.” He described the governor as a leader ” who sees it as an abomination to see his people suffer especially the women folk.” Hon. Umar Oricha Shaibu promised that “this programme will be a continuous exercise go help roll the mat of poverty from within the people of Kogi Central and beyond.”

Other areas yet to have a feel of the O’GET PROGRAMME will have their areas visited with same programme by next week. It will be good we remind our people that Hon. Umar Oricha Shaibu is not vying for any political position but he is a staunch support of APC and ready to see that the NEXT LEVEL programme of the party see the light of the day in Kogi Central, the entirety of Kogi State and the nation at large. May God bless His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello, all APC candidates on the forthcoming election and also Hon. Umar Oricha, the man who has determined within himself to eradicate poverty totally from the lives of many. Amen.


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