What Endears Ohere to the People

“Leaders don’t create followers, they create other leaders.” The mark of a true leader lies in the efficiency of his lieutenants. One of such lieutenants of His Excellency, the Governor, who has these exemplary qualities is no other than Hon. Engr Abu Ohere, who serves in the New Direction team as Special Adviser to the Governor on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs.

Over the past three years, Engr Ohere;by virtue of his portfolio has positioned himself at the crux of State affairs; serving as a linkage between the State Government, Local Government, and the traditional government which we still uphold in these parts. This has seen him to be very visible among the localities, hob-nobbing with Royal Majesties, and other grassroots leaders alike.

This visibility has more than endeared him to the people as he has done everything within his power to lend support to groups and individuals through many empowerment schemes, scholarship programs, and other philanthropy. Moreso, he supports his own colleagues, fellow lieutenants as well to create social development programs of their own, to give the goodwill wider spread, as he believes that one person cannot change the world on his own.

There is no gain saying that the world need more people like Engr Abu Ohere who is soft spoken and germane, yet tough when the need arises, who is full of innovative ideas and a great orator. And above all who is kind, and identifies with the plight and suffering of the rural folks and is always looking for ways to alleviate their suffering.

Indeed, he is a great asset to Kogi State who has touched many lives, and we pray Allah continues to bless him and his family, and grants him the grace to touch many more for as long as he lives, Ameen!

I am *Hasiya Ozavize Suleiman*;still speaking loudly on the need to create more awareness on the new direction agenda, its robust achievement and it’s reassuring future….

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