Kogi Central Senatorial Election: Oseni Yakubu Sues for Peace

By Alh. Yakubu Oseni
The APC senatorial flag bearer, Kogi central.

February 20, 2019.

This is to express my uneasiness over the recent political tension in ebira land and also to appreciate our mothers and sisters who came out enmasse from the various zones in traditional protest against the crisis.
Over the years there has been steady tension, which was due to crisis of different phases. We had it from politics, clannish, and zonal reasons. But the New Direction Government under the leadership of GYB, violence slowly is becoming history.

So, we must not give way to insecurities of any form, ever again in our dear home – Ebira land.

It is obvious that this mayhem is caused by some political desperados. And of course, every one of us will try to exonerate themselves. But our history and present modus of campaigns can tell who we truly are.

Going through my history, from childhood, I have no records of aiding violence, as such, I don’t appreciate it and I’m not accustomed to it.

For emphasis, in my home, I have no such records of engaging in domestic crisis: fighting my siblings, wife or even parents, let alone, street fights or societal turbulence.

Therefore, I do not understand the language of violence and I can never and will never be part of it.

As a matter of fact, my calculations before coming into this contest was that the entire exercise would be peaceful.

Please note, the remarkable achievements of GYB on security cannot be overemphasized.

The fact that the general mood of fellow constituents in Kogi Central in the last couple of months is tensed and ominously toxic as some politicians engaged themselves in dangerous power play and insidious political scenario by bringing back gang stars and thugs is not my way and I wouldn’t be part of it for any reason.

However, with the superb security operatives of this regime PMB/GYB, no criminal caught would go unpushinised by the law.

Thus, we do hope to get our perfect peace and security back soon. Therefore, I reiterate my position by calling on our people to remain calm and peaceful towards the rescheduled elections.

Soon it will be over and we all, will enjoy the dividends of our collective efforts, TOGETHER.

Unlike several other districts, Kogi Central is now gripped in the miasma of political violence.
It is against this unfortunate background that the echelons of Ebiras particularly our aged women in the various zones protested.
We thank Almighty Allah as their protest yielded a very good result. Once again I thank the organizers, our mothers, wives and the entire ebiras.

Despite all these, it goes without saying that some desperate political office seekers are still not prepared to play politics by the rules of the game – they enjoy harbouring thugs.

Therefore, Kogi central needs the special attention of security operatives to avoid another round of political crisis in some parts of the district.

It is however noteworthy that the Governor of Kogi state, Alhaji Yahaya Bello has shown uncommon spirit of patriotism, patience, self restraint as SDP& PDP have continued to engage in political gangsterism and gestapo politics unrestrained as it were.

At this juncture, I wish to call on all political class and their supporters to please spare the land from another kiss of deaths as we go into the general elections, from 23th February, Saturday, presidential/NASS elections in Kogi central.

Finally, I want to appeal to the security agencies and our youths to cooperate with our mothers who are only out to regain our prior peace and security in support of GYB unparalleled effort.

Alh. Yakubu Oseni
The APC senatorial flag bearer. Kogi central.

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