My Admonition to Kogi Central Youths Ahead of November 2019 Elections

By A. M. Danjumah

November 2019 is the next electioneering exercise. An election that concerns our own from Kogi central; incumbent Kogi State Governor in person of his Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello.

The people of Kogi central need to be wiser than before, let’s not undress in a river, throw our cloths into the river and walk home naked”. This proverb is skeletal wisdom for us to interpret and digest.

This is the right time the people of Kogi central need to establish an agenda just as the people of Kogi East have “Igala agenda”.

Youths are advised to either learn a trade or a skill. Politicking is never a job but an inclusive process of electing a leader into a political office of service.

The leader who settles you all the time may start avoiding your calls no matter your level of loyalty. The best legacy is empowerment via acquired trade or acquired skill.

This is dignity and self respect preserving sure way of benefiting from a leader.

A. M Danjumah through Kogi Central Advancers platform is encouraging the youths of Kogi central to divert attention from followership to mentorship. He beliefs that working hard to become like that big man you so much admire is better than spending morning and night trying to prove senseless loyalty to a perceived role model.

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