Ohere Is Not Your Affliction


I get irate when I see some folks exhibit a sense of entitlement. This is more so when their eulogistic sycophancy results in futility. It is quite sad that we are living in a sociopolitical era where many folks think that to be successful one must be seen to wag a tail of praise singing and indulge in utter sycophancy. No truly successful individual thrive on a sense of entitlement and sycophancy. These two evil elements are elements of retrogression not progress.

There are people today who are getting bitter against anyone and anybody not because it is done out of “righteous indignation” but primarily out of a frustrated shot of sense of entitlement. They look for a scapegoat to condemn for their woes or get aggressive against their “assumed benefactor”. This is the case of Hon. Abubakar Ohere who some gang of self –seeking touts conspired to attack simply because their sense of entitlement was dashed.

I am not against any act of benevolence for anybody and I welcome people who seek help for their plights. Nothing is wrong in all these. It becomes heinous when you make the things of benevolence as rights that must be enforced or executed. Life does not work that way.

I am not careful to say that with I have known about Hon. Abubakar Ohere, it is beyond any iota of doubt that he is not a man of callousness. He does not discriminate neither does he victimize anyone for whatever reason you may think of. It is a despicable and depraved act to blame anyone for what you cannot do for yourself and if you must get bitter at all, keep the bitterness in your privacy and do not make it public.

Though I am not unaware of further plan of media image laundry against this noble man, but I want to give this creed to him as he move on in his enviable quest: “Toxic people are not moved by the alchemy of your kindness. Yes, be kind, but move on swiftly and let life be their educator”. —–Brendon Burchard.

Written by
Emmanuel Shadrach

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