Kogi Central Senator-Elect Completes Induction Programme, Promise Robust Representation

The Senator-Elect for Kogi Central senatorial district, Alhaji Yakubu Oseni (AYO) has completed the induction programme for the elected members of the 9th National Assembly.

In a statement released through media crew and signed by the Senator-Elect, Yakubu Oseni assured his constituent of robust representation once he resumes office as the Kogi Central Senator.

Among other areas of legislation, Oseni assured the people of Kogi central of President Muhammadu Buhari’s commitment to Ajaokuta Steel Company revival, explaining that the refusal to assent to the Ajaokuta funding bill by the president was not done in bad faith.

The statement reads thus:

Fellow Constituents,

I have successfully completed the induction training programme organized by the National Assembly for legislative members-elect of the 9th National Assembly, which started a week ago.

The orientation was indeed an eye opener as we were able to X-ray what National Assembly entails, the activities in the floor of the house, the nitty gritty of legislation, the expected roles and responsibilities, as well as the parliamentary practices and procedures.

There was an interactive section, questions and contributions where necessary. It was an all encompassing exercise as we brainstormed, we had the opportunity to participate in so many activities, which made the exercise worthwhile.

On the recent decline of the Ajaokuta Steel Company Bill by the presidency, most people didn’t understand much, yet, they took a position without asking questions.

The National Assembly has over 40 bills that was not assented to by Mr President.

The Ajaokuta bill was not the only bill turned down, that is not to say, it has been thrown away. Grey areas were spotted that needed to be retouched, and it hasn’t been trashed.

Ajaokuta bill is still on and we are going to work extensively on it, particularly on the grey areas pointed out by Mr. President. Our president is a very meticulous leader, he doesn’t want to make mistakes that will jeopardize the future of our dear country.

There is no gainsaying that Ajaokuta project is so gigantic and the president wouldn’t just assent without critically assessing and putting into consideration the grey areas needing attention to avoid risk factors.

The bill for Ajaokuta Steel Company will be presented again to Mr. President, this time more comprehensively for his approval.

Personally, I will be committed to ensuring the project comes to life. We are real. We are not social media noisemakers. We will sit down and work the talk.

My desire is to meet the yearnings of the people, which for me is the sole purpose for leadership. My people know what they want and they know me too well. I am not new in serving the people. The only thing needed now is to step-up my game, because this is a higher responsibility.

Keep faith with the leadership of President Muhmmudu Buhari and Governor Yahaya Bello for more gains, we will not fail you.

Alhaji Dr Yakubu Oseni
Distinguished Senator,
Kogi Central.

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