Open Letter To Ohinoyi of Ebiraland by Cmr. S. A. Omuya








My open Letter to His Royal Highest this morning has every related to Barr Natasha H Akpoti’s post this morning celebrating Mr Razak’s death and her accusations on him as weapons supplier to Okehi Administrator and kogi state Governor.

On behalf of myself,
Comr S A Omuya, good and well trained children of EBIRALAND,

I hereby with all due respect and honour to your office as the Great Ohinoyi of Ebiraland,

Present this complaint letter into your good office seeking for your urgent action on why this self acclaimed good daughter of Ebiraland must be called to order.

Iam presenting this letter into your good office as one of original owners of Ebiraland back and front.

Iam presenting this letter into your good office as one of the well trained with good parental upbringing children of Adayi UGA.

Iam presenting this letter into your good office as one of the real lovers of Ebiraland who is always not ready to attack others to make his stand on a particular disturbing issue known.

Iam presenting this letter into your good office as one of Ebira Sons and daughters fully in possession of Ebiraland history.

Iam presenting this letter into your good office as one of Ebira Sons whose mother never abandon his father for any reason.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti is a daughter of late Dr Akpoti who died 1999 after a brief illness many referred to as heart attack.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti joined active politics recently after years of activism negatively.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti claimed to be fighting for the revival of Ajaokuta company unknown to many that praising her on social media who really started the struggle before she hijacked it.

Mr Okehi Akpoti,
Her younger brother
One day met his sister Barr Natasha H Akpoti to discuss with her
his interest to front Ajaokuta company’s revival’s struggle.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti sensing what could come out of the struggle betrayed her brother and till date both of them are not on good page because of this,
God is my witness.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti before joining active politics publicly accused kogi state Governor
Gov Yahaya Bello over an unverified allegations that Gov Bello was conniving with outsiders to sell Ajaokuta steel Company unknown to many her inner motive.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti,
To my greatest surprise days after the settlement took a particular lady who secured admission to further her education abroad to Gov Bello for assistance where money worth 38m changes hands.
Who is defending who.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti,
After the settlement with Gov Bello secretly aspired to flag APC kogi central Senatorial ticket but could not see the better side of Gov Bello for many reasons the general public were not very close to.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti noticing Gov Bello was not going to consider her immediately returned to her usual attacks on Gov Bello to divert her real reasons behind it.

She finally switched over to SDP where the ticket of the party was given to her freely the same way her father freely got it many years ago to flag the flag of the party.

Before Gov Bello changes his mind on whose to flag APC flag,

A particular committee was set up in Okehi by kogi central leadership to present one person because Gov Bello’s initial plan was to zone the seat to Okehi but the committee could not present one person after almost one month.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti instead of blaming her people for not presenting her for the position ignored her community’s decision attacking Gov Bello who tried his possible best for Okehi people to come out with one voice,
Hon Danga Zuberu Danguruma is my witness.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti went into hate speeches against Gov Bello to further expose the land unknown to her she was causing more harm to Ebiraland than good she was claiming to love.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti was given free hands during campaigns to campaign freely in Ebiraland where she constantly blocked federally government roads in Ebiraland.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti uploaded manufactured doctored pictures and audios on social media to discredit the security struggles of Gov Bello.

Campaigns came and gone and election was conducted where she was convincingly defeated by Sen Yakubu Oseni but Barr Natasha H Akpoti instead of conceding defeat accused Gov Bello of being the brain behind her defeat through rigging unknown to her that where election is conducted in five local governments emerging winner after one local government collation is always very hard.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti won Okehi and some polling units but far from total victory in all the five local governments,
God is my witness.

I Comr S A Omuya,
Can comfortably tell anybody that is ready to hear that Sen Oseni truly won the senatorial election not Barr Natasha H Akpoti,
God is my witness.

When the out come of the election was officially announced where Sen Yakubu Oseni scored over 70000 votes,
She rejected the out come of the election and went to court to seek redress decision I was very happy with but as usual continued her social media seeking of sympathy.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti after approaching court for help continued her reckless attacks on Okehi Administrator Hon Ohiare Abdulraheem and kogi state Governor.

She continued sending her doctored audios and written conversations on social media to gain sympathy on social media actors who knows nothing about her inner motive behind her aspiration to be kogi central Senator.

Just recently sir,
Great Ohinoyi of Ebiraland a particular peace maker and a known singer and students leader as S.U.G president Mr Razak during school days died of heart attack but to my greatest surprise,

Barr Natasha H Akpoti instead of mourning his death uploaded his pictures on social media accusing him of being one of those who normally supplies weapons to Okehi Administrator and kogi state Governor.

This single accusations sparked condemnations on social media both from concerned Ebiraland Sons and daughters and many more who normally referred to themselves as Barr Natasha H Akpoti ‘s die heart fans.

Great Ohinoyi of Ebiraland sir,
This young lady should be called to order because what we don’t know is always ahead of us no matter how small.

Great Ohinoyi of Ebiraland sir,
This young lady should be reminded that one of your family members struggled for the attainment of Okene F.C.E but till date none of your family member is constantly using this to gain cheap sympathy politically.

His Royal Highness sir,
Tell her
you once aspired to be Governor of Kwara State but never place your interest ahead of the interest of general public

Great Ohinoyi sir,
She should be reminded that her late father was not the first person to have assisted our people.

His majesty sir,
She should be reminded that your own father served Ebiraland but at the end treated badly and till date you are not fighting the land with your wealth.

His Majesty sir,
She should be reminded that
Great Inikpi of Igala land died because of her people purposely to return peace to Igala land.

Somebody should as help me tell her that Great Queen Amina Kaduna state once led war against known enemies of her people but till date her remaining people are using this to seek political sympathy.

She must not forget that many children of those who struggled for the attainment of Nigeria at presently not benefitting from the country’s national cake.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti should as well read about Great Chief Mandela of Africa if really she has done any thing for the betterment of Ebiraland positively compare to the exposure of her followers to bitter politics across kogi central.

His loyal Majesty sir,
Tell Barr Natasha H Akpoti what happened over a decade ago where blood brothers confronted each other violently across the land where many properties worth billion of naira destroyed and many individuals died unaccounted for.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti should be reminded that both prophet of Islam PBUH and Jesus Christ never wish their known enemies bad.

If really Barr Natasha H Akpoti is a learned person Academically she should change her ways of settling or handling her differences with her perceived political enemies.

His Majesty sir,
Those constantly supporting Barr Natasha H Akpoti’s exposure of Ebira nation negatively on social media should as well receive your warning to avoid returning Ebiraland to state of nature where killing and destruction of properties was positively commended by the real enemies of Ebiraland.

His Royal Highest sir,
Over 1000 individuals has so far uploaded late Mr Razak picture on social media mourning and as well saying good of him so please Barr Natasha H Akpoti should be ordered to present touchable documents to back her allegations on the dead person if really she is ready for this.

We true Ebira sons and daughters of Ebiraland having Ebira fathers and mothers must collectively join hands to say no to this constant exposure of Ebiraland negatively because to me and me alone I don’t think my tribe Ebira is the worst.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti should please emulate and as well learn from real level-headed and educated daughters of the country who has served this country without creation of enemity between them and their immediate community political leaders.

To me and me alone as Comr S A Omuya,
Barr Natasha H Akpoti is causing More harms to Ebiraland than good.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti must not forget that no single individual or group can succeed in isolation no matter how powerful or wealthy,
That she did not win the last election does mean she will never win after all president Buhari contested many times before the most high God recently honoured him.

The same Comr S A Omuya who once called on Ebiraland Sons and daughters to present Barr Natasha H Akpoti for Senatorial post when he knows nothing about her is the one calling on the general public to publicly condemn her constant celebration of evil on social media because what we don’t know is always ahead of us no matter how small.

Barr Natasha H Akpoti in her good interest must tender public apology because many individuals both at home and many from far are presently not happy with her over her celebration of Mr Razak’s death on social media through heart attack.

Where was Barr Natasha H Akpoti when many good daughters and sons of Ebiraland contested for the same position and lost.

Those supporting her negative music on social media must not forget she is in possession of dual citizenship who can travel out of the country when ever the land is not conducive for her.

I urges them all to start using their heads because welcome is always for the living,
God bless Nigeria.

I repeat,
Very possible for the hunter to be hunted if proper care is not taken.

Long live with good health Great Ohinoyi of Ebiraland.

Still Comr S A Omuya the One fully with the most high God.

God bless Ebiraland.

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