Prof. Adam Ahmed Abere Bears His Mind on Some Contemporary Issues in Kogi Central

As much as I’m tempted to just watch and continue to do ‘my thing’ my way, intuitive mentalism, crystal truism and open fakeness that currently replete in the political shopping centre wouldn’t allow.

I see, read and learn lessons from the great past, nay the past of the great companions of the truth, I conclude that we, the Ebira live our own life, our world; utopian and highly chimeristic world; metaphysical – spiritual and physical-material. Unfortunately, as if we’re cursed race, Ebira hardly largely agree on anything.

This is a 21st century phenomenon and malaise imbibed by us as a result of material interpolation and pollution of Ebira worldview. ‘Ancient’ Ebira resolved to fight Ajinômöh invaders, resolved to send military support operations to help their brethren Garra against Iboshi; the mainstream also resolved not to take on the British when they invaded early 20thCentury.

Two key words are germane from Barr. Suleiman’s piece; History and Posterity. Probably unknown to him, both have been bastardized. Ebira writes history ahistorically using anti- historical stratagems: no histology and no literature review!!! So, Ebira is destroying history. Ditto posterity. To Ebira of the 21st century posterity is today.

Thus, difficult for him to think genuinely to be able to dichotomize between individual whimsical glee and communal benefits. Ebira can’t resolve the issue of İMAMship of Ebira central masjid and can’t resolve whether GYB should stand for 2nd term election or not. What we see all over the places are jaundiced, spuriously scripted and selfishly emotive castigations in WhatsApp platforms and Facebook.

All over the places, shortcut online media houses and links dishing out what ethical media law abhors as news and reports. It is paradoxically amazing that those that Ebira claim that they’re more suave and civilized than have for instance resolved that GYB should complete his two terms in office. The mainstream Igala have resolved this and are moving forward massively to campaign for his 2nd coming; but Ebira who should be in forefront are still confused.

Like in so many other critical issues, Ebira is in disarray. Some are mere leaders leading dens of fabrication who’re churning out lies, tissues & blatant. So sad. I don’t question individual’s freedom (though such thing as ‘freedom’ philosophically speaking is non-existent). GYB has been in saddle for the last three years plus (or so); if you haven’t critic his style of administration, lack of development or other crabs before now as Ebira, please it’s no longer fashionable to do so right at this moment; we DO NOT need any acidic criticism. It’s late. It’s not likely such will benefit the Ebira race who should pursue common destiny and community interests. Except for either academic exercise or sheer mischief, nothing that hasn’t been said about GYB’s governance that anyone need to regurgitate at this critical period.

Sycophants and ‘Yes’men will continue to exist for patronage reasons. Interestingly, most of those in the forefront of campaign of support for GYB especially here in the new media aren’t generally speaking those that can be characterised as ‘YES MEN’, rather they’re genuinely convinced that it’s in our common interest for GYB to add 4 years.

We have ONE thing on the agenda; GYB’s re-election this November InshaAllah. Everything has its time and call (likulli makan maqal as the Arabs would say). We should work for the APC ticket for GYB and go ahead to win the election. Only One Ebira man can and should occupy the seat of Governor. GYB is the closest to the seat right now among the Ebira (and indeed, among Kogi citizens). We should resolve for Community factor, even for the 1st time in the 21st Century to genuinely support him.

Kogi central should be in the forefront on this enterprise not for pecuniary reason but for the interest of the people.

Prof. Adam Ahmed Abere is the Chairman, Governing Board of Kogi State University, Ayingba.

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