Dr. Philip Salawu Omeiza’s Position on Ascension to the Throne of Ohinoyi of Ebiraland

His Excellency Dr. Philip Salawu Omeiza Wrote:

I am only concerned on the issue raised by Ado on the Ohinoyi throne and the succession path. I thank God that I was bold and courageous enough during my Deputy Governorship tenor to put to rest all those matters relating to our sovereignty as a People. It has been proved beyond reasonable doubts that Ebira People are Republican in nature, every free Male Ebira person is a Prince and can ascend to the Throne of Ohinoyi of Ebiraland which is rotational amongst the 5 Royal Districts: Adavi, Eika, Okengwe, Eganyi and Ihima.

The Ohinoyi throne is a Statutory Derivative and of the same source and history with the Ohi’s. The accepted name of the Ebira Paramount Ruler is Ohinoyi which has a meaning in Ebira language; “a Star in the Multitude”. This name had been gazetted and Ado’s letter of appointment reads Ohinoyi and not Atta! During our administration, Ado was queried for using the Atta and was directed in writing to drop Atta in all his official letter heads and that failure to comply within 7 days would attract his dethronement and he complied within 2 days!

He was also directed in writing, to move from his private house to the official Ohinoyi Palace and that no official meetings must hold in his private house. Ado was also stripped of his chairmanship of the Okene LGA Traditional Council and given, in writing, to the Ohi of Okene to reinforce the rotational nature of the Ohinoyi throne. We preserved the Edict 7 of 1992/3 (rotation of Ohinoyi throne) during the Chieftaincy reforms of our administration.

We have done everything during our administration that will answer all the issues raised by Ado in his recent highly provocative interview. The Power of the People will always be stronger than the People in Power!

Best wishes.

Dr. Philips Salau Omeiza was the former Deputy governor of Kogi State under Governor Ibrahim Idris (Ibro)’s 9 years administration in Kogi State.

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