Hon. Suleiman Kokori Abdul: The Political Osprey Soars Higher

There had never been a perfect leader; but one who fits into situation perfectly is a leader. Hon Suleiman Kokori Abdul represented his people at the National Assembly at a time his constituency was engulfed in protractive political crisis.

He was never indicted nor fingered to have instigated the unsuspecting and innocence youth whose lives was wasted. He was like a polar bear, a perfect predator in the arctic; a counselor to the warring youth on the both sides of the political divide. He is reputable for his gentlemanly approach to the crisis and adjudged to have been truthful in intent, speeches and actions.

Hon Suleiman Kokori Abdul is now the “Onuwoji Obanyi Ebira” (Chief Advisor to the throne of Ohinoyi Ebira). His biological father was the pioneer holder of the exalted title in Ebira land. This Introvert is a philosopher of “Roiza, Koiza, Moiza” which is now a guiding principle for our people for peaceful coexistence. I am privileged to have serve the ‘Political Stallion’ since 2003; he detest unfaithfulness though respect human dignity. His humility disposition is the attestation of his personality as a Socialite. Though a politician, his personality is infectiously attractive to all the political blocs hence the appellation ‘Born Democrat’.

A scion of a political home, his father late Alhaji Muhammadu Kokori Abdul was a Parliamentary Secretary in the Northern Nigeria Regional Government been an elected Representative of his people into the Regional House of Assembly, Kaduna. Hon Suleiman Kokori Abdul is exhibiting admirable political trait from his father; he too was elected Representative of his people having been elected, and elected again in 2007, and 2009 respectively.

This “Political Osprey” was nominated by Former President Goodluck Jonathan, as a Board Member of the National Oil Palm Research Institute, Benin City. Now, President Muhammadu Buhari has also nominated him into Federal Revenue Mobilisation, Allocations and Fiscal Commission, Abuja, and the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria had confirmed Hon Suleiman Kokori Abdul along 29 others as Federal Commissioners (2019-2024).

I pray Allah to endow Hon Suleiman Kokori Abdul with Will-power, and sound health to fulfill his aspirations in the service to God and humanity. As his constituency expands; may his tenure attain lofty, remarkable, unprecedented and indelible achievements, and people’s desire expectations.

Alhaji Eneye Mohammed Ametinigo (Square).
Ipaku, Adavi LGA.

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