Abubakar Ohere – An Exceptional Leader Worth Emulating – Abduljelil

The saying: “Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader; they only set out to make a difference”, is apt in describing only few Kogites like Hon. Engr. (Dr.) Abubakar Ohere Sadiku, Special Adviser to the 4th Executive Governor of Kogi state, his Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello on local government and chieftaincy affairs. He was only 24 when he came into public life. And he came with a lot of hope and promises.

“My greatest ambition in life is to always make a difference wherever I find myself, and to also help others make a difference,” Ohere says. “I shall pursue this desire as long as God gives me life and opportunity.”

Ohere came to the ministry of local government & chieftaincy affairs in 2016 with ambitious reforms, from staff orientation to the effective of the local government administration and laws. Today, the reforms are yielding good fruit and the effects are there for all to see. Both staff of the ministry and stakeholders agreed on the fact that the ministry, which was virtually rundown, has been given a new lease of life.

Ebira Youth Peace/Educational Development Initiative (EYPEDI) leadership acknowledged his struggles and numerous achievements targeted at repositioning Kogi. All through his career from school days till the professional level, there have been traces of exceptional leadership characters, many of which were eventually seen by a larger population of Kogites when he became the Head of Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs in February 2016. For Abubakar Ohere, everything he found himself doing was more than the ROLE, but about the GOAL to achieve. He has gained international recognition and won several awards for his work in MINISTRY, local government and chieftaincy affairs. That being said, one would have thought his brilliance and impressive leadership lifestyle would flicker with the pressure from workplace. Instead, Ohere prepared himself for the administrative position at LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND CHIEFTAINCY AFFAIR so far. His duties targeted the general welfare of Kogites. He neither led a flamboyantly lifestyle nor found rendering eye service. For Ohere, it was always Kogi first. His virtues as a leader are worthy of emulation for every public office holder in Kogi, Nigeria and the entire world. Ohere is a leader per excellence.

El-Okene Adabara Abduljelil, Administrative Secretary: Ebira Youth Peace/Educational Development Iniative (EYPEDI) is a non-profit organization, Okene.

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