Face of Kogi State: A Response to Debo Alabi’s Piece on Gov. Bello’s Governance

Farouk Ozigi Onimisi

With due respect for constituted authorities of Federal Republic of Nigeria, I express with grave concern, an anarchist, sponsored and blackmailed article against the administration of His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello, by a purported public analyst: Debo Alabi.

Let me first commend the said analyst on his fabricated spell-bound piece of comparing a Military Governor and Democratic Governor.

In this era of democratic emancipation, a buffoon of Public Analyst put pen to paper as a result of figment of imagination, hatred, fallacy and profanity towards attaining a piece: Yahaya Adoza Bello and Memories of Mohammed Abdulsalam Onuka- The Tragedy of Faulty Inheritance.

At first, reading such narratives, one would think of its head-butted but it got to an extent one saw nothing but fabricated lies under the sponsoreship of a psuedo-pragmatic desperadoes whose intentions are taking over the leadership of the culturally rebirth Kogi State at all cost thus a State their sixteen years of maladministration ran into worms of intricate acculturation hence receiving sophisticated attention by Gov. Bello and his New Direction Lieutenants.

To correct the spellings, Gov. Bello has risen above sponsored piece but it is characteristically ordained however to respond Debo Alabi and his multi-pronged laisez-faire power seekers.

On security basis, he (Debo Alabi) claimed the State was in a State of National Scorn, Insecurity, Dispodency and all what have we.

Verily, one saw Debo Alabi as a foreign student who will always prefer heresay to reading newspapers, watching television broadcasting corporations and making international research on African countries.

The Security Command of Kogi State under the three years of Gov. Bello has earned Kogi State one of the safest States in Nigeria and the most safe State in the Northern part of the country.

Elaborating on this security appropriation of Gov. Bello, bank robbery has become history unlike previous administrations where December is hell of threat to all bank institutions in the three senatorial districts of the State.

In addition, gone are the days of tribal war, ethnic disposition of war, clannish sentiment and political thugs of terrorism. Gov. Bello has continued fashioning modes of operatives against the era of bloodshed in the history of Kogi State courtesy of 1999-2015 revolution.

Before his emergence as the forth Executive Governor of Kogi State, the State was in terrific danger and the marginalised constituencies received much of this impotent affairs: Ebiraland in particular. Let’s draw memorylane in this paraphernalia.

The Ebira people were republican by nature, outspoken and peaceably understanding. Any ferocious attitude meant at discrediting her status would receive fervent response and the Colonial Administrators can testify greatly to this discription. These and more were the perfect status of the Ebiras during Colonial and Military Regime.

Things Fell Apart in 1999 courtesy of Democracy which became ethnocracy for the good people of the Ebira populace. They were deceived, turned against each other, taught the use of riffles against each other, taught burning of houses as preference to keeping the social atmosphere of the zone, tricked into attributing blames on clan, religion and the worst of all, her universal traditions. These dispodent attitude were all as a result of politics of the old government to make Ebiraland terror zone thus receiving an image of bad character in the country and the global world itself.

The insecurity perpetuated in Ebiraland by the previous failed governance did not stop there. Every corners of the senatorial district became danger square, burning of houses became breakfast, snatching and destroying of ballot boxes during elections became perfect description of the populace.

In 2007-2009, one would think Ebiraland would never exist as the then Administration of the period ensured radical means of turning the people against each other more violent than ever imagined. Sequel year to 2007, the Ebira populace lost a hero: A.T. Ahmed in a ghastly accident along the dead trap of Lokoja-Abuja Express, Zariagi precisely. If Debo Alabi could just mention one of these dead traps under the administration of Gov. Bello.

As the destructions went on, no clan or district did not receive the bamboozled scorn of maladministration by the sixteen years of PDP misrule, turmoil and aggravated famine, poverty and distressed paganism. The act of religious worship was significantly lost as churches and mosques became the best avenue of getting opponents killed.

In Okun land, the insecurity of lives saw them producing few political lieutenants compared to what is obtainable in Ebiraland despite the sponsored deaths of their political gladiators.

The sixteen years of insecurity in Kogi State almost instigated Constituent’s War: a war against the Igala Favouritism of PDP led government. The failed sixteen years culminated into Igala Favouritism saw the call of liberation later culminated into Power Shift courtesy of APC’s Change Mantra in 2015 which produced Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello as the fourth, first non-Igala citizen to take over the leadership and administration of the State.

Some Governors would seek for vengeance especially on those that turned his people against one another but Gov. Bello, a detribalised Governor shun vengeance for development thus bringing to the fore, the New Direction Blueprint.

From the Administration of the PDP gladiators where Debo Alabi is speaking from, every of her Chief of Staff came from the governors constituent but Gov. Bello made history on this effect the day he produced Edward David Onoja as his Chief of Staff, an appointment sadly received even by the good people of Okun Constituency. It did not stop there.

Gov. Bello came with series of appointments and if you assessed the criticisms of his government by his very own people, it is the dominance of Igala sons and daughters in his cabinet but then, such governor instead of being commended can now be targeted as failed inheritor by a supposedly public analyst of Debo Alabi.

The insecurities of the State pointed out in this piece during the failed sixteen years of PDP’s governance has been satisfactorily corrected by Gov. Bello making him Security Icon in the country. Debo Alabi should consult the Inspector General of Police, Commander of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, to mention but few.

Debo Alabi went ahead to sharpen his biased pen on the recent rivalry between the Executive and Judiciary arms of the State thus making caucus statement of the State’s Legislature. If a Public Analyst now derive pleasantness from what was publicly obtainable between the Judiciary and Executive arm of Kogi State, no doubt, the pen-print of Sen. Dino Melaye in such sponsored means of his achieving the PDP’s ticket under the platform of a dead political party seeking for born again in the forthcoming November 16th election of the State. Debo Alabi should consult adequate papers on the rift between the justice receiving federal salary and the Governor interested in improving the state’s judicial system by conducting staff verification exercise refused by the legal practitioner until highest judicial authorities of the country granted the governor’s conduct of the staff verification exercise.

Debo Alabi should be ashamed of himself when he mentioned Gov. Bello was owning genuine workers of the State forty months salary. What a misplaced moral identify thus infantry of a questioned public affairs characteristics. Only a ghost worker in the likes of Debo Alabi will believe a State of Backlog confirmed by Gov. Wada and Deputy Gov. Philip Salawu will go ahead preaching Gov. Bello owning forty months salary whereas it was four months as at today. In fact, Gov. Bello is owning one month salary when the removal of Gov. Wada’s unhealthy salary algebraics of three months is removed.

Other paragraphs of his dented article surround traditional rulers orchestrated during the sixteen years of mishap by the PDP led maladministration. Where Debo Alabi failed was his points of addressing the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland who sees Gov. Bello as his son.

Debo Alabi and his likes should bear in mind that their desperate efforts of turning the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, HRH. Dr. Ado Ibrahim (CON) will never work for them. No doubt their invlovement in the misconstucted article by a so called press meant at tarnishing the image of the detribalised Governor and his royal father, the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland.

Debo Alabi should rather produce concrete campaign strategies of selling his ghost candidate than engaging in media conquest which will always failed them as already witnessed in the just concluded National and State Assembly elections.

On his fear of Gov. Bello attaining the ruling party’s ticket, he and his cohorts should bear in mind that a governor whose reign terrifies ghost opponents is surrounded with like mind electorates who stood with him in the 100% deliverance of Kogi State for President Muhammadu Buhari, 97% of the State for the ruling party in the 9th National Assembly and the incredible 100% delivery of Kogi State for the ruling party in the sworn-in twenty-five legislative members of the State’s Assembly. Power is in the hands of God and by the most talked about November 16th already becoming nightmare for the Debo Alabis’, God’s favour shall be made upon the re-election of Gov. Yahaya Adoza Bello of moving the State to the next level.

*Farouk Ozigi Onimisi* is a playwright and novelist, final year university student of English and core Gybist.

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